College Helps Local People to ‘Connect’ With Jobs

The ‘Connect Community Trust’ has worked closely with Glasgow Kelvin College to deliver employability skills to local north east residents, preparing them for potential interviews with the new Marks & Spencers at the expanding Glasgow Fort shopping mall.


Through partnership collaboration, the Connect Community Trust brought local candidates into Wellhouse Hub and The Connie in Easterhouse, recruiting them for the rolling one-day training programme. The intensive training took them through Food Hygiene, Health & Safety and Customer Service skills training, resulting in a College certificate – Skills for Customer Care.

Connect Community Trust has provided ongoing support and practical help to participants as they prepare for the programme and their potential interview for a career in the fast-moving retail environment of M & S, one of the UK’s most well-known companies. The Trust is funded through People and Communities Fund and DWP to deliver their Peoples Gateway job clubs.

Commencing in mid-December 2014, the hugely popular programme has seen 110 learners take up and successfully complete the training and this culminated in a presentation ceremony at Shettleston Job Hub in early February. Certificates were presented by Alan Sherry, Principal of Glasgow Kelvin College, who said;

“The College is delighted to have been part of this key partnership which supports local people as they prepare for the workplace.

The excellent links built between the employer, M & S, Department for Work & Pensions, Connect Community Trust and ourselves have ensured that you, our learners, are gaining relevant and transferable skills. This provides an opportunity for you to land quality, sustainable jobs in your local area and support the economic growth of your community. Congratulations to you and all the staff who have supported you through this process. Well done!”


A crucial support and coaching programme was undertaken by Lynette McKechnie, People’s Gateway Co-ordinator and her team at Connect Community Trust. Pauline Smith, Chief Executive of the Trust said,

“Connect prides itself on working for and with local people to make positive changes and this project has been no different. Working alongside the local Job Centre and Glasgow Kelvin College we have been able to support local people to gain skills that will help to stand out from the crowd when applying for these upcoming jobs.

The Peoples Gateway team at the Trust provide daily support to local people looking for work. The recent achievements through this Customer Care training have proved how our close working relationship benefits local people in the community. The team are providing additional support with the upcoming online application process and interview preparation because that is what has been asked for.

The recent presentation provided an opportunity for DWP, Connect Community Trust, Glasgow Kelvin College and M&S to congratulate everyone on their achievements and showed that we are moving in the right direction together. We know that this is the first of many celebration events in the area where you can all be recognised for your successes and achievements!”


For more information on Connect and upcoming training go to


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