College Delighted to Host Artist in Residence

Bristol-based artist, Ben Risk, is currently a guest Artist in Residence at Glasgow Kelvin College’s West Campus, where he’s been supporting students on the range of Art & Design programmes, from NC to degree-level.


Originally from Milngavie, successful printmaker Ben is delighted to be back in his native Glasgow and has been putting together an exhibition of his exciting work entitled ‘Glaswegiana’, with proceeds going to support local organisation, Impact Arts, based in Dennistoun.

Asked about his motivation for the visit, he replies;

“This is what happens when you don’t have a plan! I’d done a lot of major exhibitions and wanted to do something other than simply making work for sale. If you’re working to benefit others then you work differently and it’s been great to explore it from that approach.

My cousin pointed me towards the excellent work being done in the community by Impact Arts and, with sponsorship from the ‘Art Store’, I’ve come back up to Glasgow to produce the exhibition and raise some funds for a creative and innovative organisation.

A lot of my paintings still have imagery from Glasgow and there’s so much more to discover in your memories of place and people. I’m trying to make something that resembles those memories and that’s why I keep returning here.”

Art & Design students have been able to see an artist at work on an exhibition and Ben has had an impressive input to their learning and motivation. Lecturer, Alastair Strachan, said;

“We’re very grateful for Ben’s time and talent which helps our students to see the creative process first-hand, revealing the practical side to printmaking and the hard work involved. He has already made his mark with us and it is marvellous that proceeds from his work will go to a well-respected community organisation such as Impact Arts, with whom Glasgow Kelvin has a long and fruitful relationship.

We’re looking forward to welcoming him back in the future!”.

The ‘Glaswegiana’ sale and exhibition is being held on Thursday, 5th March, at Glasgow Kelvin College West End Campus in Hotspur Street, Maryhill, between 5pm and 8pm. All Welcome.


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