Summertime Festival Magic

Art Student Wins Competition

Glasgow Kelvin College HND Art student, Nicholas Forbes, is the delighted winner of a competition to design a donation box for the Royal Glasgow Institute of Art Kelly Gallery.  Pictured here at Glasgow Art Club with Alice McMurragh RGI, PAI and Hazel Nagl RGI, PAI, RSW, a smiling Nicholas and his fellow students are working hard for the Opening of their exciting show ‘Seconds’ which exhibits their best final work and opens at the Kelly Gallery, Douglas Street on Thursday, 2nd July, 5-7pm.






Platform Summer_FINAL_All Events_60x40

Summer Haze for Festival Dayz  

As Summer approaches several ‘Festival Days’ are taking place throughout the North East       Community.

–     Carnival Parade

–     Live Music

–     Children’s Activities

–     Arts and Crafts

–     Community Stalls

–     Local Market

Make sure you don’t let all of the fun pass you by – put these dates in your diary and join in the fun!!


Community Summer Event Programme 2015


19 July              Gig      Tron & St Mary’s, Red Road

19 July              Family Fun Day, Eastgate, 727 London Road – 10am – 3pm

25 July             Summer Festival,  Alexandra Park, East End – 12pm – 4pm

25 July             Gala Day, Connect Community Trust – The Connie (Provanhall)

26 July             Summer Festival, Springburn Park – 12pm – 4pm

1 August           Gala Day, The Hub – Wellhouse – 12pm – 4pm

2 August           Summer Festival, Auchinlea Park, Easterhouse – 12pm – 4pm

5 August           Annual Gala Day, Milton Community Campus – 12pm – 4pm

6 August           Gala Day, Bridgeton Community Learning Campus   – 11am – 8pm

8 August           Gala Day, ARC at Ashgill Rd Milton – 10am – 4pm

8 August          Gala Day, Possilpoint Community Centre –12pm – 4pm

8 August           Gala Day, Calvay Learning Centre – 12pm – 3pm 

9 August           Gala Day, Cranhill – 12pm – 4pm

16 August         Fun Day, Helenslea Community Hall – 11am – 2pm

5 September    Oasis at Wallacewell – 11am – 3pm


Step Count Challenge 

Sestep countveral teams took part in the College’s Step Count Challenge and there was a clear win for the Walkie Talkies with a superb combined total of over 3 million steps.


Overall Totals
Team Total
Walkie Talkies 3544042
Blister Sisters 2971353
Too Inspired to be Tired 2839082
The Catwalkers 2761619
Happy Feet 2356340
Walkaholics 2310110
The Merry Marchers 1901437
The Cheetahs 1703837
Dream Team 296283


Filming in Glasgow Kelvin College 

During this weekend the Springburn Campus is the set of the BBC Drama, The Shetlands. Staff based at the campus are sharing the car park with all of the film crew and can see all of the actors and crew on set. Watch out for this drama on your screens in the future but why not check out ‘Not Safe for Work’ a Channel 4 comedy drama, also filmed at GKC, that is currently running on a Tuesday evening?

channel 4 drama

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