Creative, Poignant and Focused!

Yet another exciting and busy week at GKC.  We’ve had two groups of students visiting different venues, a successful competition entry, a music workshop and don’t forget our week long craft fair.


An Early Start at the Hydro

The Music Business students had an early alarm call on Wednesday the 9th of December, observing the production load in and set up for the Stereophonics at the Hydro from the start of the show day at 6.00am. They had the opportunity to speak with many of the touring crew, including riggers, audio technicians, special effects, catering and the production management team.

They also spent time with the promoter and the Hydro Event Manager, finding out how a high profile event such as this is budgeted, planned and run.

Thanks to all for sharing their time and attention, the students found it both educational and enjoyable, despite the early start!


Poignant Creation

Picture 'Aylan' by Robbie (576x1024)HND year 1 student, Robbie Winstanley, has just finished his painting ‘Aylan’.  Robbie was so appalled and moved by the little boys drowning that he created this poignant work as a comment on the whole terrible situation.  Below Robbie tells us about his piece.

My name is Robbie Winstanley, I’m 24 and in my first year of my HND in Art and Design at the West End campus. This painting is my expression of the issues faced today in our torn society today.


“Aylan” is the representation of a child refugee that was recently washed ashore in a desperate attempt to find safety. I feel for all the efforts made by people to grant such people basic human rights, their cries, fall on an equal amount of deaf ears.


The painting shows Aylan painted still, motionless, and cold at the bottom of an empty space which is made of expressive brush marks to show that throughout all our arguments and disagreements between each other over this matter, this child lies dead. Our arguments do not matter to anyone other than ourselves.


Market Maker – GKC in the top 3

On Wednesday the 9th of December the Stay Focused team headed to Bristol for the Market Maker final.  The students have had an excellent experience with the opportunity to sell units of their Alert Safety Car Seat and to present  to the panel at Hewlett Packard.

It was a close run race with the team taking third place – Anne Gillies attended the event with the students and would recommend that both staff and students get involved. Anne said,

“Having the opportunity to put into practice what they have talked about and learned in the classroom has been invaluable.”

The students have grown in confidence and are keen to put their idea forward for further competitions to hopefully raise funds to invest in their idea.

  • 1st – Communicare – Wrist band for Autistic Children  – Cambridge College
  • 2nd – Solar Trivia – Solar charger for phones – CNWL
  • 3rd – Stay Focused – Alert Car Seat Cover – Glasgow Kelvin College

Do you have a business idea?  Yes, then why not check out this link


Music Workshop at City Campus

Internationally renowned Malian musician Yacouba Sissoko lead a music workshop for Glasgow Kelvin students in City Campus on Wednesday the 9th December at was held at 2.00pm in the City Campus.   Yacouba is skilled in many different traditional African stringed and percussion instruments, as well as acoustic and electric guitar.  Over the course of his career he has accompanied many international musicians drawn to the fascinating musical culture of Mali, such as Damon Albarn, Bjork and the American jazz artist Dee Dee Bridgewater, with whom he toured the United States.

Through an exciting cultural exchange and collaboration between the College and the UK-Mali Cultural Programme, Yacouba’s latest album, “Ti Mangala Ki”, has been released on the College’s Electric Honey record label.

The workshop was enjoyed by all that attended.

Heartstart Success

Nearly 100 ESOL Springburn students have now completed a Heartstart course led by Tom Barrett, Lecturer, Glasgow Kelvin College.

In the course they learned about CPR as well as dealing with an unconscious person, signs and symptoms of a heart attack and recognising a cardiac arrest.  Learners agreed that not only did it improve their English it also gave them a few simple techniques which could save a life.


STV Visit a Sure Success for Students

STV VisitTwenty two students from the HND Accounting group visited STV plc on Friday, 04 December 2015, for the fifth successive year.  The students were given a tour of STV’s facilities, followed by a presentation and then Q & A with the company’s Chief Financial Officer, George Watt, who covered Key Performance Indicators, key business metrics and general business strategy in his briefing to the group.

George, who is one of Scotland’s most high profile Finance Director’s, openly discussed his educational background, career to date, including time spent working for one of the major Accounting firms in the United States, and pertinently, provided some great advice for students embarking on a career in Finance.

Our thanks go to George Watt for his continued support of our students and to John Murphy who organises this popular annual trip for our HND Accounting students.


Christmas Craft Fair

The Christmas Craft Fair has been running throughout this week. It has taken place over three campuses and has helped raise funds for various charities.

This year we have seen an excellent variety of items on sale from handmade Christmas Cards and wreaths to Spanish hampers.

Excellent raffles in East End with the money going to the  Who Cares? Scotland’s Care family Christmas Dinner Campaign.

All of our students have been looking very polished as they have taken advantage of the pop up Beauty Bars around the college.  Also the fashion students made a lovely variety of Christmas items and have been raising funds for their chosen charity – Rainbow Valley.  So far they have raised £1,007.24, from selling craft goods and baking, but this total will rise once the Hamper Raffle has finished.

Thanks to everyone for their effort – keep your eyes peeled as there may be some more stalls next week.


Human Rights Day

There will be a display in our Springburn Campus Library each month, highlighting a current event and promoting library services and resources.

The “Human Rights Day” display is the first one of many. It commemorates the day in 1948 when the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The idea for this display was for it to be visual rather than ” text information overload”, to provoke a range of thoughts and reactions from those viewing. In addition to collages and maps, one of our HND Art & Design students, Barbara Baah, kindly provided original art work.

There are themed folders containing research material, which include “Child Soldiers”, “Modern Slavery”, “Seeking Refuge is a Human Rights& Statelessness”, etc.).

Please feel free to pop by and visit the exhibition


“Auld Lang Syne” World Record Bid

To Everyone who has expressed an interest in getting involved in our World Record Bid for Auld Lang Syne.

A rehearsal will take place in Springburn in the Winter Gardens, classroom 1 on Monday the 14th of December at 12.15 pm.  Lunch will be provided.

There is also a page now set up on the Students Association section of the intranet under ‘Auld Lang Syne’.  Check it out for up to date information.

If you cannot manage on Monday, but would still like to be involved, contact a member of the committee.


Well that’s everything again for this week, but keep the stories coming and we’ll see you back here next Friday – last update of 2015!!

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