Music, Drama and Art!

We are rapidly heading towards Easter and the spring break now, just a couple of weeks to go, but the momentum is still going at the college.  Visitors, gigs and  events, we have it all.


Artists Visit

Screen envyArtist Scott Myles popped into the art studios at West this week to make a print.

He brought with him the biggest silk screen we have seen and made out technician Stevie very jealous!


Vegetarianism for Life

The 2nd Year Professional Cookery students had an interesting talk from ‘The Vegetarianism for Life’ society. They represent older Vegetarian’s and Vegan in the community, care homes, hospital etc.. to maintain their right to the diet and life style that they choose.

Many chefs/ carers in the industry do not fully understand how important it is to provide the correct food, use correct cleaning materials and toiletries to ensure that their beliefs are respected and upheld. One example was of a dementia patient who was Vegan being given cows’ milk in her tea.

If anyone wants more information get in touch with Jacqueline Simpson.


Deaf Connections gig

On Friday the 3rd of March the first year Musical Theatre class performed a variety of songs and dance at Deaf Connections in Glasgow to an invited audience of family and friends.

This was a “Work In Progress” show which the students put together on their own and raised £240 for the Deaf Connections charity.


SCQF – Big Chance at Stardom!!

Today (Friday the 11th of March) sees Marie Woods, Kevin Dobie and Andy Allan present at a SCQF Working in Partnership – Sharing Best Practice event in Glasgow.

The work under discussion forms part of a Pan-European music based project: Musicreates. Our partners are Colleges in Derry, Kajanni and Kokkola in Finland and Tallinn in Estonia: we also have a Work Life partner Connect-IN Enterprises based in Glasgow.

The project, aims to:

  • Be deliverable on any pan-European learner exchange project
  • Enhance vocational education and professional skills of participants
  • Improve understanding/serving of cultural needs in a Europe wide context
  • Improve employability on a European level

The project is based on the ECVET ethos of giving learners credit for work done regardless of location/assessor affiliation (within the EU). A condition of the current funding includes the development, delivery and evaluation of ‘tool’ to deliver this.

We settled on an SCQF rated activity to best fulfil this as their rating system is already integrated with the European framework. The resultant unit: ‘Industry experience whilst abroad’ and its development is the subject of Friday’s presentation.


Youth in Music Event

The college had a stand on Friday, the 4th and Saturday the 5th of Marh, at the Youth in Music event at The Bridge which saw young people interested in a career in the music industry able to access the main providers of music education from across Scotland with access to information on everything from classical to rock and DJ skills.

The event was also the opportunity for a number of young bands and DJs to showcase their talent and a visit by Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Europe and External Affairs, demonstrated the significance of the proceedings.

College staff engaged with many prospective students and gave them not only the information of the courses available at GKC, but also the benefit of their personal experience of the music industry as educators and performers past and present.

Photographs supplied by Creative and Digital Industries Lecturer, Jim Brady.


Warrior – Nil by Mouth Play

Warrior is a play shining a light on the murky world of online bigotry, it is to be performed at Glasgow Kelvin College this Friday for current drama students in our Easterhouse Campus.

‘Warrior’ written by Jennifer Adam, and performed by Black Dingo Productions tells the story of Evan, a teenage boy whose decision to post sectarian abuse online has serious consequences for his family.

Last year Nil by Mouth sponsored performances of the play in schools across Ayrshire, Stirling and West Lothian with the aim of raising awareness of the legal consequences of online abuse. Posting sectarian and offensive on the internet carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison in Scotland and in recent months there have been a number of high profile cases involving footballers and celebrities including singer Amy McDonald and Celtic captain Scott Brown. In addition to the distress caused to those targeted, this behaviour can have serious consequences for the perpetrator’s reputation and employment prospects.

It is hoped that in the future GKC drama students may be able to perform in the travelling show.  You can catch the show at the Citizens Theatre from Thursday 10th – Saturday 12th March 2016.


That is us finished again for this week.  We will be back bright and early next Friday with more student stories and updates.

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