Inspiration and Dedication

We have a very full and interesting blog for you this week, with news on our intrepid cycler and updates on awards and trips.

Don’t want to keep you waiting so we will make a start.


Hammermen Awards.

This year we were lucky enough to have three winners:

  • Winner – Amy Canavan (HND Mechanical 2A)
  • Runner-up – Calum Baird (HND Mechanical 1A)
  • Runner-up – Azim Bin Razzaq (HND Mechanical 1A)

The winners attended the prize giving at Trades Hall in Glasgow on the 26th of April. Amy was presented with a winners certificate and a cheque for £300 and Calum and Asim received a certificate and a cheque for £100 each.

As an overall winner, Amy will now be put forward to compete for the Prince Phillip prize and if successful can win a first prize of £1500 or £500 for the runner-up.


Photographic Inspiration

Wet feet, frogs, warm sarnies and four seasons in one day. It could only be the level 6 trip to Glen Coe to see the majestic mountain that is The Buachaille. A day away from Easterhouse campus for our level 6 photography students as they had a small introduction to the huge subject that is landscape photography. Navigating streams, bracken and interesting weather conditions – our students were well up to that task.

Ambitiously there and back in a normal college day. Well worth the journey for some portfolio worthy images.


A Win for Kelvin in National Finals!

GKC’s fabulous footie team yesterday carried off the Scottish College Men’s Football Cup after an exciting final played out at Heriot Watt grounds against Dundee & Angus College.  Both teams were well matched and the tense 2-2 draw came down to a heart-stopping penalty play off producing a 5-4 scoreline for Glasgow Kelvin.

Huge congratulations go to the triumphant team and, of course, to the fantastic staff who have supported them to their success!  Last year the team was unfortunately pipped at the post in the final.  But this year….  what an achievement.  We’re proud, very proud  –  Congratulations!


Fantastic First Night For Fame

The College’s HN Musical Theatre students staged their first performance of the musical, Fame!, last night at Platform.  An almost capacity audience were treated to a spectacular show with marvellous performances from the principal players and the rest of the impressive cast.  Enthusiasm and talent shone brightly in this well-rehearsed spectacle.  Excellent staging and production whisked the delighted audience through to a huge surprise in the final scene  –  no spoilers here, sorry!  To find out, get along to the show.

There are still a few tickets remaining for tonight so ring the Platform Box Office and get them booked!  0141 276 9696.  You truly won’t regret it.



ESOL National 2A Haghill had a great time on a visit to Kelvingrove museum on Tuesday the 2nd of May.

They saw many interesting exhibits including a Koran from Afghanistan and a 19th century banner from Sudan.  Students helped with the translation!

Cycle-2-Bruges Redux – Submitted by Tom Watson, GKC ICT Technician

On 2nd of April I undertook a challenge in memory of family friend Tony Diver who passed away on 25th December, 2015. Tony had MS and was admitted on several occasions to the Physically Disabled Rehabilitation Unit (PDRU) in what was then the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow, a unit that provides care and rehabilitation for people who have many different types of illness and disabilities requiring different types of therapy. So I decided to cycle from Glasgow-Bruges and to raise £3,000 for the PDRU so that others could receive the same care as Tony had.

Why Bruges?

The Provincial Court in Bruges Markt Square

In one of our last conversations, Tony was talking about holidays and, knowing the affection I have for the Netherlands and Belgium through my cycling visits, said I really must visit Bruges. He talked about how much he was sure I would love the city, so when I decided I was going to do a cycling challenge I knew immediately where the destination was going to be…

I cycle most days to the office and back. My round trip of 12 miles occasionally causes a raised eyebrow – “You cycle that far? Every day?” which is fine and well, but 12 miles is not really an athletic achievement, nor is it a challenge by anyone’s standards.

The furthest I’d ever ridden in a single day is around about 65 miles, and the challenge of the fundraiser was to complete a bicycle ride starting in Glasgow and ending in Bruges; a distance of 400 miles. I planned to split the distance into two rides of 200 miles: The first to North Shields ferry terminal to catch a ferry to Ijmuiden, Holland, then from Ijmuiden to the iconic Markt Square in Bruges.

Glasgow to North Shields

In hindsight, the three days to North Shields were the hardest of the entire trip. The first section was supposed to be ridden by me, my wife Stella and our friend Jimmy Wilson, but a mix up meant Jimmy was not able to take part in Glasgow to Edinburgh along the canal paths. So after riding out to Linlithgow with me, Stella caught the train home and I carried on to my first stop in Portobello.

While the canal paths are free of motor traffic, they’re busy with walkers and bikes so progress was slow but I got there eventually, two hours later than planned.

This set the tone for the UK side. Targets I set for arrival were affected by conditions underwheel, such as a long section past Berwick-upon-Tweed on Day 2 which meant I had to get off and push for several very long stretches until I was able to cycle on quiet roads again, then on down to Seahouses in Northumberland for my second stop.

By day 3, however, I was in the groove and even taking pictures en route. Seahouses to North Shields was, for the most part, a lovely ride, apart from Newbiggan-on-Sea and Blyth which were less than picturesque, well the parts my route took me through weren’t the best to be fair. A couple of guys I had stopped to help me clarify directions through North Shields, guided me along the cycle route from Tynemouth to the ferry terminal, a route which wasn’t very well marked, and I got to my accommodation safely and settled in for the night to await the support crews arrival in the morning to catch the ferry to Holland.

Ijmuiden to Bruges

The plan had been for Stella and Jimmy to do Glasgow to Linlithgow, and then days 1 and 3 in the Netherlands and Belgium. When we set off from Ijmuiden to Den Haag we followed the LF1 coastal route which is mile after mile on excellent paths between the sand dunes before arriving in Noordwijk, where we met the support team of Frances (Tony’s wife) and Jimmy’s partner Sylvia for lunch before carrying on to an early evening arrival at our hostel in Den Haag. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that while a town may not look particularly big on Google Maps, the reality is almost always

different. This was exactly the case with Den Haag, but as ever help arrived in the form of a gentleman out testing his brand new Bianchi road bike who saw the huddle poring over a map which had proved to be helpful up to a point. “Oh no, don’t try to follow the round markers on a long journey, they will fail you always”.  Wise words indeed from our new found friend who then suggested we go “straight until you pass the tower, then left and straight until you cross the tram tracks, then follow the tram tracks into the centre of Den Haag, then you will ask someone else but you will be very close to your destination which is near the main station”.  He was not wrong, local knowledge beat the map hands down.

Day 2 of Den Haag to Vlissingen was beset by problems from the start, entirely down to a navigation error on my part. The intrepid two had decided to join me again as the first day had gone better than they expected. However, I took a right turn instead of a left at the end of the street, and a lot of extra kilometres were added to an already long day after circumnavigating Den Haag city centre and ending up back near the hostel! Once the correct road was found it was another lovely day for cycling; the weather gods had looked down favourably on me (us) since Glasgow with unseasonably warm, sunny weather. We just managed to just catch the ferry from Maassluis to Rozenburg where an amazing coffee was just the pick me up needed for the longest part of the day, the long, exposed run down to the small town of Vlissingen.

When we arrived in Vlissingen we were all ready for a Belgian beer or two after a hot day in the saddle, it was also the moment I discovered we’d smashed the fundraising target of £3k, which gave us all fresh legs for the final day.

Krinkeldijk – on the NL/ B border

Day 3, the final day to Bruges started well when we missed the local ferry over to Breskens and lost an hour but eventually we got across, had a fantastic coffee in Breskens then hit the road down towards Sluis and then to Bruges itself. At one point I saw a road sign for Jaagpad, which I instantly remembered from many evenings spent poring over Google maps, and I knew we only had about 15km to the centre of Bruges. The run along the canal path to Bruges was altogether different to the canal path experience of the UK, a very long straight path lined by trees either side seemed to be inviting us into the town.

These last few km seemed the longest of the six days I’d been on the road, every pedal stroke seemingly taking me further away rather than closer, however another Google Map moment happened as soon as my wheels had left the canal path behind for a brief on-road excursion through a major road intersection which, again, I immediately recognised, watched for the cafe on the right of the road, then a left turn down along another path this time shared with people out doing their Saturday afternoon business in Bruges own centre. Before long I was freewheeling down the iconic cobbles of Laangestraat down into the Markt Square, I turned to give a fist pump to Jimmy and Stella but in my haste to get there I’d gone full racer and left them behind in my wake. Actually they got stuck at lights but why let the truth get in the way of a good yarn?

We had finally arrived and were met in the Markt Square by Frances and Sylvia, her brother John from Edinburgh, friends Annie and Guy from Brussels and Frances’s son John whoâ’d flown in from Manchester. Champagne, frites and mayo were consumed with gusto.

The trip was completed after six days on the road, 400 miles covered, 0 punctures, 1 slipped chain, 1 fall off into a hedge (not me for a change), 1 smack against a canal wall near Falkirk but otherwise all safe, sound and slightly tanned.


Gallery Display

Our exchange partners from Lycee St Geraud in Aurillac, France are showing their fabulous posters in our gallery space at West this week and next.

The French visitors are working with art, music and music business students on a range of projects while they are in Glasgow.


Pronto Mama

Some of the Pronto Mama guys picking designs for the new tour and launch gig.

The exchange students from Aurillac have done a wonderful job.

Come on down to the college record  launch, one of several events to mark the 25th anniversary of Electric Honey, TODAY, (5th May), from 12.30 to 1.30 pm at West campus. Live band 12.30.


Charity Fashion Show

Its that time of year again when our Fashion Department students put their talent on show.

The Fashion Show, in aid of Make Love Not Scars, will be held in St Andrews in the Square on Wednesday the 24th of May.

Tickets are still available for the 6.00 pm show, priced at £8.50.  To purchase a ticket contact Sandra Thomson on


Once again we are finished for the week, hope you have enjoyed this update.

Have a great weekend!

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