Marshmallows and Selfies!

The first week of the new academic year is almost over already and most of our students are getting back into the swing of this.

We have a few activities and news updates for you this week, so lets get started.


Marshmallow Challenge

As a teambuilding exercise and icebreaker the NC Jewellery students were split into teams and presented with the marshmallow challenge where they are given 20 pieces of spaghetti, 1 metre of string, 1 metre of masking tape and a marshmallow.

The team who can build the highest free standing structure in 18 minutes with the marshmallow on top are the winners!


Graduation Apprenticeship Launch

On Monday 28th August the College started the first Graduate level apprenticeship. Thank you to all the staff that have made this possible.

Glasgow Kelvin College was delighted to welcome its partner employers, elected members and invited guests to the Springburn Campus to congratulate the first students on the programme.

As the first FE College in central Scotland to be offering this innovative programme, the College welcome event included speakers from Skills Development Scotland Diane Greenlees, and the Institution of Civil Engineers, Sara Thiam.  College staff outlined the benefits of the programme to employers who are looking to develop their business further and support advanced level qualifications for their budding engineers.

The programme, developed by Skills Development Scotland (SDS) with support from the European Social Fund, provides work-based learning opportunities up to Masters degree level and with all learning currently funded for employers.


Late Enrolments Update

College programmes have now started

For learners who have a college offer of a place, but have not yet completed the enrolment process, staff will be available in each Campus from Thursday 31st August to Friday 8th September between 3pm and 4pm:

  • West Campus                         Reception Area
  • East End Campus                  Main Foyer
  • Easterhouse Campus            Main Foyer
  • Springburn Campus              Canteen Area

Photo ID cards are available in the College Flexible Learning Centres as follows.

Monday to Friday – 10am to 11 a.m. and  2pm to 4.30 p.m.


Class Selfies

A few of our students have been taking part in our Class Selfies social media campaign.  A great way of seeing everyone who has joined us this year.

An example of what we have tweeted and posted out is below, but if you would like to see more visit our Facebook Album.

Its not to late to take part either, simply take a class shot and email it to Tracey Borland and Lorna McNiven and we will get them out.  Please make sure everyone in the picture knows what the picture is for and they are happy to participate.


GKC Freshers Gig 2017

Join us as we kick off the new academic year with some live music from students and staff at The Record Factory on Byres Road.

Free entry!

Come along on the 13th of September from 19:00 to 23:00, at The Record Factory, Byres Road, Glasgow.


That’s everything for this week, but join us again next Friday for more GKC blog news and updates.

Have a great weekend!

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