Challenging, Engineering and Inspiring!

The October holiday is almost here, a well deserved break for our hard working staff and students.

As usual the students and staff, have had a busy week, taking part in numerous activities and events.


Ada Lovelace Day

This week the Glasgow Kelvin Ada Engineers met to celebrate Ada Lovelace Day.

Tuesday, the 10th of October, marked Ada Lovelace Day, a celebration of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

This occasion also honours the woman who, in the first half of the 19th century, might have been the world’s first computer programmer.

Lovelace, the daughter of the poet Lord Byron, was one of Britain’s most educated women at the time. These days, she’s best-known for the work she did on mathematician Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine. This was an early idea for a general-purpose computer based on mechanics instead of electronics. Beyond that, though, she has become a symbol for women in a field that still employs too few female engineers.

In the photo left to right are Maya Marinova, Amy Smith, Sophie Skinner, Emma Goldie, and Jill Carson.


A Memorable Day

With cameras and umbrellas packed it was through to Edinburgh’s Camera Obscura for our Level 5 and 6 photography students from Easterhouse. The rain didn’t dampen spirits as students explored the old town capturing some great images on the way.

The visit was in conjunction with the students basic camera techniques unit where they are learning about how light and optics work. There can’t be many places better equipped for students to learn specifically about these topics while having so much fun.

Students interacted with a wide variety of exhibits on each level of the building with the giant cortex tunnel providing the biggest talking (laughing) point. Inside the chamber at the top of the tower the students marvelled at this cross between a giant pinhole camera and periscope. Giving a live 360 view of Edinburgh – the students amazed at this ingenious Victorian structure.

A memorable trip for all involved.


Maths Challenge

Kady Rielly from Access Medicine won the maths challenge.

‘Mrs Smith bought 2 pints of milk a day until it went up by a penny.  She cancelled Tuesday and Thursday.  The weekly bill is now £2.

What was the old price of a pint? Answer 19p’

Here is a picture of Kady receiving her certificate and £25 Amazon voucher.


A Week of Shows

The performance arts staff and students have been enjoying collaboration with the Platform theatre as they engage in workshops, shows, and question and answer sessions.
The NQ Actors were recently introduced to Company Of Wolves where the engaged in observing the rehearsal process and performance of Ewan Downies touring production of ‘Eastern Promise’. Following the rehearsed performance, the students were given the opportunity to engage in a question and answer session with Ewan. This was a great success and Ewan is looking forward to working with our students again in the future.

Another opportunity arose as we attended the performance of ‘Welcome My Son’ by Phil Hardie. Phil Hardie is a skilled physical theatre artist and performer. His recent production as the monster from Frankenstein in ‘Welcome My Son’ was a wonderful physical theatre performance, which the dancers and actors enjoyed greatly. They particularly engaged in the question and answer session with Phil himself at the end. This was another success and encouraged open dialogue about the performance and the arts sector.


Coffee School

On Friday the 6th of October the Level 6 professional Cookery students enjoyed an informative Coffee School with Vicky from Matthew Algie.

The students enjoyed learning some of the tricks of the trade.


A Healthy Donation for Breast Cancer Awareness

The Introduction to Service Industries students at the Easterhouse campus did the college proud in raising £142 as part of the college’s Breast Cancer Awareness Raising programme.

A pink themed healthy Afternoon Tea with savoury and sweet items including wraps, sandwiches, beetroot brownies, chocolate and berry muffins and strawberry fruit smoothies as well as a Takeaway Smoothie Bar and Raffle kept everyone busy.

Well done to all involved!


Health and Fitness Fundraising

On Monday the 19th October, Carol Goodwin and the 2nd year HND Health and Fitness Students held a Metafit Class in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness month and raised £47.96 towards this great cause.

Well done to Carol and the students for bringing awareness to the attention of others and money for this charity


Welcome To…

The College is delighted to welcome Zorena Shanks to her new role as Vice President of the Students Association.

An HNC Working With Communities student, Zorena will also be part of the Board of Management membership and we are looking forward to supporting her in her new role.


Fashion Department Chosen Charity

World Mental Health Day seemed like an appropriate day to make the announcement that the Fashion department have chosen SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) as their charity for this year’s fundraising campaign.

Along with raising much needed funds, they hope to raise awareness for the charity who work in communities to provide a range of mental health support and services. Please support them throughout the year. There will be the usual bake sales, Christmas craft sale, sponsor events and raffles.


Hats Off

Thank you to Nancy ‘The Hat’ Paxton for delivering a tutorial on silk flowers to BA (Hons) Fashion students on Tuesday the 10th of October.

We are looking forward to seeing some decorative floral surface decoration during the year.


Library Display

“Black History Month UK – an International annual month, celebrating, recognising and valuing the inspirational individuals and events from within the BME communities.”

Please pop into the Library and Flexible Learning Centre at Springburn and look at the display created by our Library staff promoting awareness of Black History Month.  There are books and informative material for you to look at and take away.


We are finished for another week, but remember students are off next week for the October break.  Classes resume on Monday the 23rd of October.

Have a great week off!

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